It’s time for bold and progressive leadership.  I’m running to empower the voice of our neighborhoods and ensure hardworking families have a seat at the table in local government.

Together we can improve access to affordable housing, create better transit options, and protect our parks and open spaces. I have a proven track record of fighting for our neighborhoods and I’ll continue to be a voice for our community inside the walls city hall


As our city grows, too many people are being priced out of their homes. The influx of people moving to Thornton from Denver has surmounted this problem. You can travel from one side of the city to the other and see that some people are doing better than others. During my time on council I have seen the results of an economically divided city. In the South part of the city we have subsidized housing which creates high crime areas and low performing schools. We need balanced housing throughout the community and should not allow all of our low-income housing to be clustered in one area.  I helped to create a development review task force to look at our building and permit process to help by knocking down barriers from attainable housing being built in all parts of the city.

The Denver metro area has experienced dramatic increases in housing prices in recent years. In the summer of 2017, the median sales price for single-family homes in the Denver metro area reached a record high of $400,000 and statewide median sales prices increased more than 10% from the previous year.

As mayor, I’ll fight to bring a long-term approach to our city’s growth by:

  • Ensuring new developments match the character of our neighborhoods.

  • Increasing the amount of affordable housing units in Thornton, similar to what was accomplished with the Crossing Pointe developments.

  • Implementing a balanced approach to our development so that there are enough homes and units to keep mortgages and rent prices at a level that keep older adults and young people from being priced out of their homes.


Our roads and public transit system must be more people friendly. As our community grows, so has congestion. During my time on Thornton City Council, we have tackled some of these issues, but we have a lot of work to do. We need a long-term approach to tackle our transit and that’s what I will bring to Thornton as Mayor.

Here’s what I have accomplished on city council:

  • Fought to widen street and implement improvements near transit stations.

  • Increased walkability near FasTrack stations.

  • Worked with neighboring cities to time traffic signals for increased efficiency.

  • Sought and successfully obtained funding to address traffic congestion.


Community trust is essential to effective public safety. To keep the public safe, law enforcement officers must be held accountable and the public needs to take responsibility for their personal actions.  

I say this as someone who was wrongfully arrested by an officer in 2015. The conviction was overturned after numerous victims found the officer was copying and pasting text word-for-word in police reports of other people he was wrongfully stopping and arresting.  He had 14 years history of this.

That said, law enforcement has been a positive force in my life and are critical in protecting the safety of our city and keeping Thornton a great place to own a small business and raise a family. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far on Thornton City Council:

  • Hired 54 new police officers and set a standard based on population so we never see a police shortage again.

  • Laid the groundwork to help ensure our officers have collective bargaining rights.

  • Introduced body cameras for our police officers.

  • Sought a COPS grant from the Department of Justice for community policing.


We have over twenty-five major parks and sports facilities in Thornton. As our city continues to grow, we must protect these parks and open spaces from big developments and oil and gas, while doing our part in reducing the brown cloud that hovers over our city.

I have a track record of doing just that and will continue my commitment of protecting our public spaces when Mayor.

On Thornton City Council, I have worked with neighbors to:

  • Enact the toughest regulations in the Colorado on oil and gas activity within our city, making set-backs 500 ft.

  • Worked with Adams County on open space grants to create more and improve existing open/recreational space.

  • Implemented the Green Thornton Initiative by ensuring city-owned buildings are environmentally sustainable.

  • Ensuring water security for Thornton.





Paid for by Montoya For Thornton.





Paid for by Montoya For Thornton.